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Missionaries who served in the United States (including Northwestern and Southern States missions) beginning in 1852 were Albert Bacon, Henry Bartholomew, James W. Bay, Sanford Bingham, Caleb D. Brinton, Lewis Brunson, Thomas J. Caldwell Jr., Edward Cliff, Albert Crandall, George M. Crawford, Benjamin F. Cummings Jr., Allan R. Cutler, William M. Daines, Isaac Dana, Joseph Felt, Charles L. Flake, Jacob Gibson, John W. Gibson, Micah Harris, W. F. Henigar, Teancum W. Heward, Ferdinand F. Hintze, J. J. Humphrey, Lorenzo Hunsaker, Philip Hurst, James L. Jenson, George W. Lewis, Noah Lindsey, William D. C. Markham, Amos Maycock, William C. McGregor, William E. Mower, Iver Carl (Charles) Nielsen, William M. Palmer, Joseph W. Parker, William S. Peacock, Harmon D. Pierson, Nathan T. Porter, William F. Reynolds, Franklin A. Robison, Perrigrine Sessions, James H. Skinner, Nicholas Smith, Franklin Spencer, Alexander Stalker, Ransom M. Stevens, Oscar O.Stoddard, David M. Stuart, David Taylor, Jacob E. Terry, Richard Thorne, Alma N. Timothy, Isaac R. Vance, Samel B. Warner, Thomas Warrick, John W. Webster, Adam Wilcox, and Bengt P. Wulffenstyn. Missionaries to Canada were Thomas Browning, Robert Dickson, Duncan Gardner, Neil Gardner, William H. Seegmiller, and George P. Waugh. Those who served in the Sandwich Islands Mission (Hawaii) were Henry W. Bigler, John W. Brown, William W. Cluff, Philip B. Lewis, William Pulsipher, Joseph F. Smith, John A. West, William B. Wright, and John R. Young. Those who served missions specifically to Indian tribes were Henry Eyring, Llewellyn Harris, and Ernst A. Tietjen; to Mexico were Daniel W. Jones, Andrew J. Stewart, and James Z. Stewart; to the West Indies, Aaron F. Farr; and to British Guiana, James Brown.

Missionaries who served in the British Mission were Henry Ballard, William L. Binder, Samuel A. Blair, Edward E. Brain, William Brown, James Green Browning, Thomas Bullock, Louis D. Bunce, Anson V. Call, E. W. Clark, William M. Daines, David B. Dille, George Glover, Robert F. Goold, Marius Ensign, David Grant, Francis Greenwell, Isaac C. Haight, Henry Harriman, William J. Harris, James Houston, Louis Howell, William Hulme, John Lee Jones, Platte D. Lyman, John Martin, John McCarthy, Daniel D. McArthur, J. H. Nash, William C. B. Orrock, William B. Parkinson, John Robinson, Peter Sinclair, Job Smith, Mahonri M. Steele, William Willie, and John Williams.

Missionaries who served in the Scandinavian Mission were John Christensen, Nels C. Christiansen, Carl A. Ek, Einar Erickson, Gudmund Gudmundsen, Hector C. Haight, Peter O. Hansen, Soren Jensen, Christian A. Madsen, Bengt Nelson, L. Ule Olson, Peter L. Sherner, Erastus Snow, John P. Sorenson, and August Valentine; to the German Mission, George C. Riser; to the Swiss and German Mission, Hiram B. Clawson, Henry Eyring, John Huber, Henry Riser, and John L. Smith; to the Dutch Mission, Daniel F. Collett; and to the French Mission, Louis A. Bertrand.

Missionaries who served in the Australasian Mission were Walter R. Barber, George Batt, Absalom P. Dowdle, William Geddes, Charles C. Hurst, Frederick W. Hurst, Fred J. May, John Murdock, Ephraim Ralphs, Zerubabbel Snow, Andrew J. Stewart, and William M. Wall. Those who reported missionary work in India were Richard Ballantyne, A. Milton Musser, and Benjamin Richey; in China, Hosea Stout; in Burma and Siam (Thailand), Elam Luddington; and in South Africa, Eli Wiggill.

Collection of reports submitted by missionaries that describes their experiences. Reports dated 1831-1838 were sent to Bishop Newel K. Whitney in Kirtland, Ohio. Reports dated 1845 were given to Willard Richards in Nauvoo, Illinois, and include several that report electioneering missions for Joseph Smith's candidacy for United States president. Reports beginning in 1852 include many from missionaries in foreign countries sent to the Deseret News and Church historians George A. Smith and Wilford Woodruff. Reports in 1865 were responses for specific mission histories. Most reports beginning in the 1870s were those sent by returned missionaries who were unable to report in person and were addressed to Church presidents John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff or Church historians Orson Pratt and Franklin D. Richards. Also involved with missionary reports were Historian's Office clerks Robert L. Campbell, Leo Hawkins, and Gus M. Clarke.

Most reports are for missions in the United States, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Foreign countries include England, Scotland (including Orkney Islands), Wales, Ireland, Isle of Jersey, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, British Guiana (Guyana), Burma, Canada, China, India, West Indies (Jamaica), Mexico (including Chihuahua state), New Zealand, Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), South Africa, and Siam (Thailand). Also includes reports by missionaries to various American Indian tribes.

Includes reports containing references to Church leaders, among them are Joseph Smith, Thomas B. Marsh, William E. McLellin, Parley P. Pratt, and Martin Harris. Also includes references about Kirtland, Ohio; Zion's Camp; Nauvoo, Illinois; and Winter Quarters. Also of note is information about Joseph Smith's brothers-in-law Calvin W. Stoddard and Jenkins Salisbury; the healings of Mary Bathgate, Lorenzo Dowd, and Silas G. Higgins; Tennessee preacher Robert Edge; and Joseph Smith III and the RLDS Church. Also includes Samuel H. Smith's copy of the Book of Commandments preface and information about Mormon publications, including Book of Mormon translations into Danish, French, German, and Spanish. Also includes information about ocean travel and overland immigration, including handcart travel. Many reports also document proselyting difficulties because of anti-Mormon publications, polygamy, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Missionaries reporting in the 1830s-1840s include Hazen Aldrich, Simeon Carter, Benjamin L. Clapp, Moses Clawson, Joseph Coe, Horace Cowan, Gordon E. Deuel, Charles Dalton, Simeon A. Dunn, Solomon Hancock, Milton Holmes, Jesse D. Hunter, Shepherd P. Hutchings, Elam Luddington, Isaac Morley, Edward Partridge, Robert Rathbun, Lewis Robbins, Samuel H. Smith, Erastus Snow, Willard Snow, Daniel Stephens, Lyman Stoddard, Truman Waite, and Nathan West.

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